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Automatic laminating machine 1600C

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The automatic laminating machine is a special equipment for paper, board and enamel film. It is pressed together by a rubber roller and a heating roller to form a product of paper-plastic integration.

Film width 1580 (mm) film speed 0-10 (m / min) electric heating power 1.5 (Kw)

Film temperature 60 (°C) for paper 2.25 inches, 3-inch machine weight 0.16 (t)

Dimensions 1880*480*1000 (mm) motor power 0.06 (Kw)

Automatic laminating machine 1600C product parameters

DWS-1600C product features:

Increase the weight of the rubber roller, diameter 130mm, the film is more flat;

Low price and easy to use;

Traditional laminating method, no need to change the usage habits;

The structure is simple and clear at a glance;

Large handle design for easy filming;

The universal wheel frame design is convenient to push and does not occupy the place;

Warm up to 60 degrees to remove the snowflake point;

Technical Parameters:

Model: DWS-1600(C)

Rated voltage: 220V

Motor power: 60W

Frequency: 50HZ-60Hz

Applicable film thickness range: 10-250μm

Film width: ≤1580mm

Film speed: 0-10m/min

Maximum roll outer diameter: 200mm

Film tube inner diameter specification: 2.25 inches, 3 inches

Rubber roller lifting height: 50mm

Pressure adjustment method: pneumatic

Automatic unwinding and winding paper machine: motor

Rubber roller diameter: 130mm

Weight: 160 kg

Product size (length x width x height): 1880*480*1000 (mm)

Package size (length x width x height): 2000*630*630 (mm)


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