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Automatic laminating machine 1700A

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Automatic laminating machine1700A


Product parameters

Brand: Dimais

Model: DMS-1700A

Mode of operation: fully automatic

Coating temperature: 0-60 ° C

Coating speed: 0m/min-10m/min

Film roll diameter: 130mm

Place of Origin: Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Motor power: 0.2kW

Electric heating power: 1.5kW

Working voltage: 220V

Production capacity: 0-10m/min

Dimensions: 1950x770x1180 (mm)

Packing: wooden box

Weight: 230kg


Fully automatic laminating machine, easy to use;

Original film-filling method, easy to operate;

Infrared temperature control, no rubber roller, more precise temperature control;

Unilateral linkage, easy to lift;

Adopt three methods of foot control, manual and automatic;

Stepless speed regulation function;

With reverse function;

Automatically uncovering the bottom paper and automatically winding the finished product;

Only one person is required to reduce labor costs;

Warming to 60 degrees cold chilling can completely avoid bubbles and snow spots;

The filming efficiency is high, the yield is high, and the whole roll of 50 meters is not inclined;

The film elastic adjustment system makes the cold film have good strength and reduces the risk of wrinkling of the film;

Wide range of applications: for indoor and outdoor photo advertising, car stickers, graphic printing, studio image, screen printing, X display rack, PVC board, KT board and other large-format materials such as hot cover and cold heading; sheet, glass, profiles, A surface-protected film such as acrylic or wooden door.

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